Monday, September 18, 2017

Look 165

My Look

SKIN: [parfait.] | Harumi skin - pale |
EYES: {S0NG} | Sweets eyes |
HAIR:  Olive | the wendy hair - blondes |
LIPS: poupee | fight fight fight! bruised lip |
EARS: VCO | Sera ear - 5 |
TATTOO: [twc] | open for you |
COLLAR: *MUKA* | collar love |
GLASSES: cubic cherry | mako sunglasses (hud) |
EYEPATCH: cubic cherry | odin eyepatch (hud) | @thefantasycollective
ARMS + CLAWS: CUREMORE | Selenopolis - maschinenmensch arms (rare) |
GUN: *tentacio* | martian toys - stun gun black |
OUTFIT: + glutz + | lewdtenant (hud) - includes shorts, top, bullets, and knife/knife garter | soon @KawaiiProject! |
BOOTS: BUENO  | seattle boots |

This new outfit from glutz, available from Kawaii project starting on September 20th (also available for Kemono fit), gave me the inspiration to try out something new: an action shot. I set the shot at Ironwood Hills, a sim with a creepy, Second Hill vibe, and styled my look in a Road-Warrior/Mad Max fashion (the robot arm is a bit of a nod to Furiosa, though the cubic cherry eyepatch is more Snake Plissken). Thanks to a lot of work in photoshop, I think the action shot turned out pretty nice, especially for my first try!^^

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Look 164

My Look

SKIN: [parfait.] | Harumi skin - pale |
EYES: {S0NG} | Sweets eyes |
HAIR: taketomi | clique002 - bento pack |
LIPGLOSS: smile | YERI lip glass |
LASHES: [okkbye]  | lithe lashes - hud  |
TOP: *tentacio* | good morning sweater pink | @froufrou |
SHORTS: VCO | lala shorts - gray |
SHOES: Kokoro{<3}Peaches | helga - fatpack | @limit8 |

My Room

HOUSE: *ionic* | 'once upon a time' (old hunt item) |
STUMPS + MUSHROOMS: NOMAD | mushroom forest | @C88 |
DEER: +half-deer+ | quiet deer fawn - snow |
ARMOIRE: dust bunny | olivia armoire - grey |
CURTAINS:  +half-deer+ | fairy curtain - white |
VINES: LAGOM | decovines leafs |
GRASS 1: *alirium* | puffy grass [green] |
GRASS 2: HPMD* | sweet garden grass 03 [yellowgreen] |

I love the forest, but I also love being indoors and away from dirt and bugs. In this case, though, why not combine the two? I love the tranquility of this room, which was inspired specifically by the current offerings from dust bunny and NOMAD, courtesy of Collabor88. I love these new shoes by Kokoro{<3}Peaches, too, which can be presented quite simply (as I've worn them), or with more bold and eye-catching colors. They come in a dark pack or pastel pack for 348L, or a fatpack (with bonus color options!) for 548L -- available starting tomorrow at Limit8. K{<3}P is also offering a limited selection of garters for this product, as well, so be sure to head down there soon.^^

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Look 163

My Look

SKIN: {SP!} | Calpaca! Pale Rare |
EYES: {S0NG} | Sweets eyes |
HAIR: Mello. | XOXO - pastels | @Hairology |
LIPGLOSS: smile | YERI lip glass |
LASHES: [okkbye]  | lithe lashes - hud  |
EARS: VCO | Sera ear - 5 |
BLUSH: ::MOMOCHUU:: | GUMI blushes hud c |
NOSE PLASTER: [la baguette] | peaches stickers and plaster |
BANDAGE: ::MOMOCHUU:: | GUMI eyepatch mouth [b] |
JACKET: AMITOMO | outside gacha / 5 | @kustom9 |
SHORTS: BUENO | sweet shorts - blush | @kustom9 |
SHOES + SOCKS: AMITOMO | joining you gacha - 9 |
BACKGROUND: TAIKOU  | gaien market | @kustom9 |
NEON SIGN: floorplan | @kustom9 |

The new round of K9 brings some casual fall clothes with it, and yes, I am reusing this TAIKOU backdrop again because I love it so much! There are so many different detailed areas to use for photography^^  I also always love super long ponytail hairstyles and this new offering by Mello definitely fits the bill! You can pick it up at hairology until Sept 30th!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Look 162

My Look

SKIN: {SP!} | Calpaca! Pale Rare |
EYES: {S0NG} | Sweets eyes |
HAIR: ^.^Ayashi^.^ | hisami - fatpack |
FACE TATTOO: [twc] | deepest bear |
LIPGLOSS: smile | YERI lip glass |
LASHES: [okkbye]  | lithe lashes - hud  |
WHISKERS: Tamagosenbei | curled whisker black - rare |
SUNGLASSES: [Fetch] | kitty meow glasses |
MILK: teabunny. | milk carton |
EARS: {aii} | arctic bento neko ears (bento) |
TOP: {SBB} | kitty keyhole (for v-tech boi flat-chest mod ONLY) |
SHORTS: Cubura | femshorts maitreya (hud) |
JACKET: :villena: | off-shoulder bomber - black |
BACKGROUND: TAIKOU  | gaien market | @kustom9 |

Just an alley kitten hanging out in this great set by TAIKOU, now available at K9. And if you're a femboy with the V-tech flatchest mod, check out SugarBonBon's goods on Marketplace! This new kitty keyhole top won't fit unless you are absent tiddies, my friends. Aii's neko ears and the new Hisami hair by Ayashi finishes off the look with an appropriately scruffy, alley-cat hairstyle (ΦωΦ)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Look 161

My Look

SKIN: HIME*DREAM | Kanako skin - pale |
EYES: {S0NG} | Sweets eyes |
HAIR (+hat): Mello. | late night - meow RARE | @imaginarium |
BLUSH: Mello. | crybaby makeup - BTW gacha |
LASHES: [okkbye]  | lithe lashes - hud  |
TOP: miwa's airship | red flavor #1 RARE top | @theArcade |
PANTSU: [aleutia] | lacey bottom | @imaginarium |
SHOES: AsteroidBox. | luck&hope haihil RARE | @imaginarium |
KITTY: Jian | curious kitties - russian blue clinger | 
BACKGROUND: RAMA | Melrose Ave | 

Lot's of stuff from the imaginarium this time around! Not only does this event feature some amazing gachas, but there are also lots of marked down items and other prizes to be had, as well! Mello made this incredibly cute hat/hair combo, which I appreciate since I like wearing hats, but usually have trouble finding hair that will fit under them. No such problem with this hair^^ AsteroidBox has put up the haihil shoe gacha, which comes in my favorite color combination: black + pastel. They are made to fit mid-height maitreya feet only. Be sure to check the event out while it's still running!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Look 160

My Look

HEAD: =ASR= | philo sophia anime head |
BODY: <UTILIZATOR> | kemono |
SKIN: HIME*DREAM | philos sophia - chiyo skin mod - pale |
EYES: HIME*DREAM | philos sophia - circle lenses |
HAIR + GLASSES + HEADBAND: ^.^Ayashi^.^ | neko maid gacha | @imaginarium |
DRESS: [project cosplay] | maid outfit for kemono |
ARMWARMERS:  + glutz + | armsox (hud) - kemono only |
CAKE + POSE: .:HTM:. | waiter pose with props |
BUNNY: +half-deer+ | lazypuff bunny - carrotblade the grim | @theArcade |

Cake or Death?  I've had my kemono avi for a while but haven't had a chance to blog it yet. These new armwarmers from Glutz gave me the perfect opportunity, though, since they fit kemono only! The Ayashi hair will work on a regular human bento head, but I thought it looked too cute with my philo sophia, who appears to have seen something shocking in the manor where she works. (Full disclosure, the "manor" is actually at Whole Wheat).

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Look 159

My Look

SKIN: [parfait.] | Harumi skin - pale |
EYES: {S0NG} | Sweets eyes | @KawaiiProject |
HAIR: taketomi | clique002 - bento pack |
LIPGLOSS: smile | YERI lip glass | @KawaiiProject |
LASHES: [okkbye]  | lithe lashes - hud  |
BLUSH: ::MOMOCHUU:: | GUMI blushes hud c |
EARS: VCO | Sera ear - 5 | red flavor earring2 silver | @theArcade |
COLLAR: ::supernatural:: | malu black - gold | @theArcade |
SHIRT: miwa's airship | red flavor top #2 |  @theArcade |
SHORTS: miwa's airship | red flavor #1 RARE pants | @theArcade |
SHOES: miwa's airship | red flavor #2 RARE shoes | @theArcade |
POSE: [Sugar~*] | Kawaii Rock Bento poses |
ICE CREAM: Yokai | om-nom-nom gacha - kiss (chocolate) + i love you (raspberry) | @imaginarium |
RECORDS:  {MOSS&MINK} | hanging records |
BACKDROP: BUENO | electric hall (gatcha) |

Even though I won the rare outfit from miwa's airship arcade gacha, I opted to wear the shirt that said 'ice cream' on it so that I could also pose with these cute ice cream treatss from yokai's imaginarium gacha. They look like they're blowing kisses to one another, don't they? This new hair from taketomi is actually four hairstyles in one -- an amazing deal for anyone looking to get as much bang for their buck as possible!